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Health Equity and Childhood Oral Health: Improving Access to Care with Medicaid and CHIP

February 9, 2023

Each February, National Children’s Dental Health Month provides an opportune time to connect with families and partners to highlight the importance of oral health care, an essential benefit covered under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Routine dental care is key to preventing tooth decay and other chronic dental problems that can affect a child’s physical and social development, ability to learn, and overall health.

Speakers from CMS and Medi-Cal Dental discussed the comprehensive dental care Medicaid and CHIP health coverage provides, data on disparities across dental health, the importance of oral health during pregnancy, and helpful resources to support equitable outreach and enrollment. This webinar also featured new Connecting Kids to Coverage National Campaign oral health resources available on, as well as CMS’ Medicaid and CHIP Continuous Enrollment Unwinding Communications Toolkit to support partners and states, available at