IMPORTANT: Look for your child’s Medicaid or CHIP renewal in the mail, complete it and mail it back immediately. They may be covered even if you’re not! Go to to find contact information for your state Medicaid office.

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Social Media Messages

Use these messages in your Facebook posts, Tweets, or other messaging forums to help us spread the word! Be sure to check out our Step-By-Step Guide to Social Sharing Guide  for tips on how to post our graphics on your social media accounts.

Facebook Images

These images are specifically designed for the best-sized images for sharing on Facebook. Download and share them on your account!


Twitter Images

These images are specifically designed for the best-sized images for Twitter. Download and tweet these to your followers on your account and use our hashtag #Enroll365!

Web Banners & Buttons

Use web buttons and banners to link online traffic to where visitors can find more information about their states' programs and how to enroll or the Find A Dentist page. Each .zip folder includes three standard web banner and button sizes, as well as posting instructions. Place these banners and buttons on your website!

Find a Dentist Widget

Post the Find a Dentist for your kid widget on your organization's website and bring that powerful search function to your site's users! With this tool you and your site can help users find a dentist in their area that accepts Medicaid & CHIP.

Text Messages

Share these text messages through community text message programs, doctor’s offices or other providers to remind families to enroll in Medicaid and CHIP, retain coverage, or use the many benefits available by having Medicaid or CHIP. We’ve created a list of text messages that cover outreach topics throughout the year. Check out the Annual Sample Text Message Calendar  and our initiative-specific text messages below!

Email Signature Images

Add one of these images as your email signature to spread the word about Medicaid and CHIP. We've created a Guide  to walk through the steps.