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Summary of 2017 AIAN Outreach & Enrollment Cooperative Agreement Awards

Total Award Funding: $3,725,292

AK ($500,000) Southcentral Foundation

Southcentral Foundation is an Alaska Native owned and governed regional health care organization that serves one-third of all Indian Health Service health beneficiaries in Alaska. Southcentral Foundation proposes to target children in the Municipality of Anchorage, adjacent Matanuska-Susitna Borough, 55 rural villages, and 11 rural village clinics, including 6 designated Community Health Centers. Through this project, they also plan to dedicate Benefit Enrollment Specialists to a community outreach team to focus on outreach to homeless and underprivileged children and families.

AK ($495,844) SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium provides health services in a 600-mile archipelago of remote islands, mountains, and ocean in southeast Alaska. Through this grant, SEARHC plans to increase the number of uninsured children and their parents enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP and assist those already enrolled in retaining their coverage. To accomplish this goal, they plan to hire new staff; establish a consortium-wide enrollment, renewal, and data management tracking system; and partner with Tribal organizations and schools. They also plan to develop advertising and social media campaigns and provide one-on-one application assistance in the communities.

AZ ($452,490) Native American Community Health Center, Inc.

Native American Community Health Center, Inc. is the Title V urban Indian Organization for the Phoenix Metropolitan Community and serves American Indians and Alaskan Natives in all of Maricopa County. Through this project, NATIVE HEALTH plans to target the eastern region of the county and expand their current outreach and enrollment strategies to new service areas. They will also work with Tribal Social Services and the Maricopa County Foster Care Programs to identify and enroll guardians of foster children in family placement, and partner with secondary educational facilities such as the Mesa Community College and Arizona State University to reach uninsured students. They plan to hire two new Outreach & Enrollment Specialists to help reach their goals.

CA ($500,000) Indian Health Council, Inc.

Indian Health Council, Inc. is a consortium of nine federally recognized tribes in north San Diego County, and is the only community health clinic providing culturally competent programs and services to tribal people in this area. Through this grant, IHC will partner with schools that primarily serve AI/AN students and integrate health coverage outreach into the existing health programs offered by IHC through its main and satellite clinics in order to enroll and retain eligible individuals in Medicaid and CHIP.

CO ($382,547) Denver Indian Health and Family Services, Inc.

Denver Indian Health and Family Services, Inc. will serve children and their parents in the Denver metropolitan area. They plan to partner with the Denver Indian Family Resource Center, Denver Public Schools, and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe in order to increase  enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP.  Specifically, they will provide direct one-on-one application assistance and will conduct outreach during community events.

OK ($500,000) Central Oklahoma American Indian Health Council, Inc.

Central Oklahoma American Indian Health Council, Inc. is a medical home to more than 19,000 American Indians in central Oklahoma. Through this project, they plan to increase the number of adults and children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP. Specifically, they plan to hire two benefits coordinators and one benefits clerk to overcome current barriers to children’s enrollment, such as lack of knowledge about available health programs and literacy issues.

OK ($394,580) Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has a tribal service area that spans 10.5 counties in southeastern Oklahoma. Through this grant, they plan to increase children’s enrollment and retention in CHIP and Medicaid by hiring two new staff members to provide specialized education, outreach and enrollment assistance. Specifically, they will work to overcome current enrollment barriers such as technological and literacy challenges and provide direct one-on-one application assistance.

OR ($499,831) Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest

Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest plans to partner with nine federally recognized Tribes in Oregon to increase enrollment and retention of AI/AN children and their families in the Portland Metro area through screening, outreach events, and collaboration with other community partners. They plan to hold twelve outreach events such as Pow Wows, community meetings, and school events each year. They also plan to execute a culturally competent marking and media campaign through tribal newspapers, radio, and social media.